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Eclipse is a disruptive wellbeing hub that puts at the center stage embodiment & insight with a core focus on human potential & transformation. We engage in practices & offerings encompassing body, mind & spirit


Eclipse mission is to inspire everyone to fall in love with the journey of life.

Eclipse as a disruptive wellbeing hub is a fusion of ancient esoteric practices and wisdom with modern progressive knowledge and science set to ignite a powerful mind – body – soul alignment. Placing Embodiment and Insight at the core, Eclipse steers the waters in our conventional perspective & focuses our perception on love for the journey of life, ultimate self and the realization of our true potential. All of us are faced with the polarity of light & darkness; and all of us strive to embed only light in our existence; embracing the contrast of both light & darkness however, is at the core of any human development, evolution & resilience. Shifting the perspective involves appreciating that life is a game of infinite choices, it is about creating our world consciously, reconnecting with our intuitive nature & embracing circumstantial contrasts. Fusing authentic somatic & mindfulness practices, Eclipse invites us to embark on the exciting journey of accessing our thriving nature & celebrating our unique personality.


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