Pilates / Barre / Dance


At Eclipse, we offer Pilates Classes that focus on strengthening and improving control and flexibility of the body's deep postural muscles, such as the core muscles (known in Pilates as powerhouse), while also training our arms and legs. The style of Pilates taught at Eclipse is loyal to the principles of Mat Pilates, which along with the use of props, make the Pilates Classes dynamic and fun! Our Pilates Studio is fully equipped with a wide range of props from Pilates Rings and Balls to Dumbbells, ensuring that each Pilates Class enhances in the best possible way our core body strength, coordination, and flexibility. At Eclipse we place special emphasis on unlocking all the benefits of Pilates from calorie-burning and postural correction to increasing focus and body/mind connection.


Barre – Core Strength & Movement practice is a work out technique inspired by elements of Yoga, Pilates & Ballet. It focuses on low-impact, high-intensity movements designed to strengthen our body, especially on parts that are typically challenging to work out on, while increasing the overall agility & flexibility. During the session, practitioners make use of the barre, but also leverage one’s own body weight along with exercise balls. Barre – Core Strength & Movement sessions are gentle on joints & they place special attention on improving the posture. In a playful spirit, expect to be moving to some upbeat tunes and follow some simple choreography or rhythmic patterns. The Barre – Core Strength & Movement sessions are suited to practitioners of all levels & customized to embrace students of diverse physical skill sets.

Latin Dance

Experience the vibrant rhythms and passionate movements of Latin dance as it embodies the essence of authenticity, quality, and passion that defines our offerings. More than just physical activity, it's a journey of self-expression, connection, and joy. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or stepping onto the dance floor for the first time, our expert instructors will guide you with patience and enthusiasm. At Eclipse, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the studio, seamlessly integrating Latin dance into our broader range of Body & Mind Practices. Join us and discover the transformative power of Latin dance in an environment where authenticity, quality, and passion intersect to nurture your body and mind.