200 Hours Classic Hatha Yoga Master Course




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At Eclipse all of our practices, courses and intents are focused on the promise of celebrating and unveiling the human potential at its highest level and nurture inspiration to fall in love with the journey of life.

Rooted into the soil of truth and authenticity, Eclipse in its capacity as a Yoga School, is committed to delivering the best-in-class Yoga experience to all associates and ignite the spark to propagate the treasures of yogic wisdom with loyalty and respect to the tradition.

Hatha Yoga is one of the foundational yogic paths that draws on practices from the Tantric Tradition. The Tantrics believed in the “divinization” of the physical body and its transformation through purification & development of its subtle energies. Hence in Hatha Yoga the physical body is embraced to achieve enlightenment by fostering the physical-spiritual connections, the body centered practices & the esoteric ones with the aim to direct the “prana” (life force energy) to the “ajna” (crown) chakra.

If Hatha is taken as a single word in Sanskrit, it conveys the meaning of “The Science of Will/Force”. If broken down in its components, then “Ha” stands for Sun and “Tha” stands for Moon. Many have assigned to these subtleties the physiological meaning as Suryanadi and Chandranadi – Surya for sympathetic nerves, Chandra for parasympathetic nerves, and Sushumna for the central nervous system. The core meaning of Hatha Yoga is the yoga that brings in harmony amongst the opposing energies of the body, mind, and spirit of human beings. Hatha Yoga teaches us to use the body as the bow, asana as the arrow, and the soul as the target. It is a fact that not one has realized the soul without using the body, the mind, the intelligence, and the consciousness (which are all parts of nature) to realize it.

The RYA 200-Hour Classic Hatha Yoga Master Course at Eclipse explores both the physical & the more esoteric practices of this path, covering Asanas (Body Postures), Shatkarma (Purification Practices), Pranayama (Conscious Breathing Techniques), Bandhas, Mudras, and the Chakras which are the intermediaries between the various subtle states of awareness. The various physical practices of Hatha Yoga and of Asanas in particular, work to stimulate, cleanse and improve the health of the organs so that the chakras can awaken more easily, and the pranic pathways are strengthened, cleansed, and “opened” for the balancing of the prana and the rise of the kundalini.

The RYA 200-Hour Classic Hatha Yoga Master Course takes us to the origins of this yogic path & the depths of the tradition, unveiling the magic of the practices with focus on authenticity. Suited to everyone with an interest to explore in a structured way the treasures of Hatha Yoga, understand more in depth their current practice & embark on a transformational experience of connection & community.


  • • Scope of Classic Hatha Yoga
    • Basic concept of Classic Hatha Yoga
    • Fundamentals of Classic Hatha Yoga
    • History of Classic Hatha Yoga
    • Six Principals of Classic Hatha Yoga
    • Benefits of Classic Hatha Yoga
    • Aim of Classic Hatha Yoga
    • 15 Asanas according to Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    • Six acts of self-purification
    • Pranayama (conscious breathing) and Kumbhaka (breath retention)
    • Anatomy applied in Hatha Yoga
    Mudras (internalized energetic practices)
    • Meditation, Chakras (centers of energy)
    • Nadanusandhana (concentration on inner sound)


• In-depth knowledge of Classic Hatha Yoga, its Origins & History
• Profound understanding of the various techniques and methods of Asanas, Pranayama, and Purification techniques
• Detailed knowledge of theories and practices of Hatha Yoga
• Ability to experience, communicate and disseminate knowledge, with regards to the importance of Hatha Yoga, i.e., stress management, mental and physical wellbeing.
• Ability to design & conduct sessions based on Hatha Yoga (Classic style & variations)
• Ability to meditate thoroughly to achieve mental clarity and profundity.
• Acquisition of knowledge on the value of Mindfulness & Heightened Awareness

We feel committed to make this world a better place for every soul, as we believe in the strength of Sankalpa – “The Resolve.” Hence, we call upon everyone to join hands and participate in this course with us to:

• Establish a better understanding of the ever-expanding life.
• Restore the state of harmony within the mental psychic and physical framework.
• Inculcate life changing positive values.
• Reshape and realign the work- family- society conundrum.
• Attain self-realization and actualization.
• Enhance inner beauty and internal bliss.
• Trigger self-transformation.
• Learn to unwind and let go.


• RYS YACEP Course Certification – 200 Hours
• Privileged pricing on Eclipse Memberships, Courses & Workshops (10% off)
• Internship with Eclipse & continuous empirical guidance
• In depth Teacher Training Course Content & Bibliography/References (Pre & Post Proposed Read Material)