Sun Salutations & Pranayama

Hatha Yoga is one of the foundational yogic paths that draws on practices from the Tantric Tradition. The Tantrics believed in the “divinization” of the physical body and its transformation through purification & development of its subtle energies. Hence in Hatha Yoga the physical body is embraced as a means to achieve enlightenment by fostering the physical-spiritual connections, the body-centered practices & the esoteric ones with the aim to direct the “prana” (life force energy) to the “ajna” (crown) chakra.
Expect to practice diverse asanas & build resilience by staying in the posture for longer timing, allowing for strength building. Hatha Yoga as a foundational practice is ideal for practitioners of all levels, from those seeking to embark their journey in the world of yoga asanas, to advanced students. With its gentle sequence, this practice helps internalize insight & experiences, through mental assimilation of the bodily movement. Classes are customised accordingly.