Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow paced practice, which works on stretching the deep connective tissues (ligaments, fascia) by remaining into a posture for length of time, which on occasions can be up to 15 minutes. The practice encourages creating comfort in the posture through concentration on the breath and as such has a deep meditative effect. Expect to have a gentle music background in the class & surrender into the posture and the thoughts that it invokes. Yin Yoga is inspired by the Chinese tradition and apart from the physical effect it is beneficial in allowing the Qi Energy to flow through the body uninterruptedly by dissolving blockages. This practice is instrumental to hone the capability of "slowing down" & integral to counterbalancing intense physical practices or simply to enhance mental & bodily relaxation. The sessions are ideal for all level practitioners & a great means to enhance mental clarity while restoring physical vitality.