As the Head of Insight at Eclipse, Swami Vishweshwaranand is in charge of conducting all mindfulness & meditation practices. He is an expert in the ancient wisdom of Yoga & the Eastern Traditions & their translation into modern life practices. Born in a Brahmin family of scholars, Swami Vishweshwaranand left his home at the young age of 7 years & started his spiritual journey under the benign guidance of Param Tapaswi Baba Shri Kalyan Das Ji of Amarkantak. On the banks of Narmada he received divine Diksha of Shri Krishna & got the esoteric Vidya of Vedas & Gita in a mystic manner. Â He traversed most of India with his master at a very young age & got versed into various Indian Vedic scriptures. At the age of 10 he was sent to Nainital for his elementary education & later on received his university education from Pune & Varanasi. Due to his deep understanding of life & dedication, the epithet yogi was bestowed upon him in his early days & he then started teaching Dhyan Praveshika – entrance into meditative state, a technique based on the Pranava Naad Sadhna of Udasin tradition. He was also fascinated by the mystical aspects of philosophy & therefore was trained under the mystic Kashmir Shaivite Pt. Kamlakar Mishra of Varanasi. As a result, Swami Vishweshwaranand started teaching at Shri Kalyanika Himalaya Devasthanam & has been a key leader in various institutions of the Matha, nestled in the Himalayas. Known as a natural scholar, the Swami has edited various journals & books; he has played a vital role in structuring ancient texts. He is passionate about seeing people connect with their true self & is driven to put all his energy to support others into thriving in their life’s journey.



Devadatta comes from Pune, India & started practicing Yoga when he was only 13 years old under the guidance of Chandrakant Pangare the Captain & Coach of the Indian Yoga Team & 8 times International Yoga Gold Medallist. With his natural inclination to the practice, his love & dedication to the yogic path, Devadatta started participating in yoga conferences & competitions by the time he was 14 years old across India & abroad; along the way he won 55 medals out of which 9 in international yogasana competitions, in Korea, Argentina & Indonesia. Devadatta pursued his education on Bachelor in Yogashastra & earned his degree from Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, and formalised his 14 year old teaching experience with his academic qualifications. Devadatta continued his career in Vietnam, where he delivered classes on all styles of Yoga, with emphasis on intermediate & advanced practices, including classes with special focus on the purposeful use of props. At Eclipse Devadatta reveals the depth of his knowledge & experience across different styles that range from Hatha & Alignment all the way to Advanced Flows & Restorative practices. His passion & experience of yoga in its entirety is reflected in the manner he engages with his students, his attention to detail & his ever-positive energy.



Parveez is the founder of, where education meets human optimization. He has also padding a part of the education team for MEFITPRO, the premier provider of fitness education in the Middle East region, for the past 15 years. As an educator, creative story teller and digital content creator, Parveez’s goal is to educate the region and drive human movement to a higher level reaching all corners of the region. In addition to his current role heading movement education in the Middle East region for MEFITPRO, Parveez is also a Master Instructor for numerous fitness programs including PTA Global Diploma in Personal Training; TRX; FTC; Trigger Point therapy; HBX FUSION & BOXING Program Director; STROOPS; and, of course, Animal Flow. “I take a highly practical and philosophical approach to living that’s what has driven me to seek movement practice and embrace the culture of ‘owning the vessel that you carry – that is the human body ‘ Being a content creator and creative story teller allows me to bring movement to life through capturing and telling a story that is inspiring yet capturing raw emotions of human nature.” Parveez is part of the Animal Flow Team of Eclipse & an inspiration to all students who flow along with him.



Francielli is an internationally acclaimed Sports Nutritionist & independent Master Personal Trainer, with 15 years of experience having lived & worked in Brazil, US, Europe and for the past 2 years in Dubai. She is also a certified Corrective Specialist & has broad experience in Post Injury Rehabilitation & Injury prevention. Francielli’s passion is about working to improve people’s health & wellbeing; she believes in a holistic approach and that includes her keen knowledge of nutritional planning. Her aim is to contribute in creating a positive behavior change & adopt lifelong healthy habits. She focuses on teaching proper form, posture & balance in a way that enhances bodily alignment & spatial awareness while practicing. Francielli fulfilled her urge of finding the link between the mind & body through movement, power & elegance of bodily control in Animal Flow. Francielli’s mantra is: “It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar & seemingly secure, the numbers of reps & with a given number of sets, to embrace the new. Animal Flow offers the freedom of motion united with the ability to control the body’s movements that create changes in a person’s physical, emotional & mental state. For in movement there is life, and in change there is power. It is not about training, it’s about moving in a fun & creative way with a benefit” Francielli’s Animal Flow sessions at Eclipse express her passion on movement, elegance of bodily control & the power of body-mind synchronization.



Ivalena is a certified personal trainer & a Level 2 Animal Flow Instructor & Regional Leader. Originally from Bulgaria, Ivalena, a mother of two, has been living in the UAE for the past 21 years. Her love for sports & wellbeing has led her to become a Certified Advanced Boxercise Instructor, A KO8 & Stick Mobility Coach & a Pre & Post Natal Certified Instructor. For Ivalena wellbeing & mind-body connection is a lifelong journey, a process of continuous improvement & exploration. In her belief system, any movement one makes toward increasing the physical well-being is an opportunity to enhance the mind- body-spirit connection & can have a very powerful influence on the overall health & wellness. Ivalena is set on creating an impact by adopting a personalized approach in her classes & helps her practitioners build long lasting changes in their lives. She celebrates everyone’s uniqueness & her aim is to create sessions that are fun, yet challenging & effective with an emphasis on proper form, good technique & mobility. Her credos include: “Enjoy your own personal fitness journey, practice consistency & build solid habits, celebrate the small wins & give yourself credit for every amount of progress that you make, keep a growth mindset, value the process instead of the end result”. Her classes at Eclipse gracefully convey her belief that Animal Flow is in essence functional human movement which helps people to move better, feel better, live better.



Karthik was born & brought up in Channai, South India, where yoga is practiced in its most authentic forms. Though Karthik started his career as an artist, he soon drifted to the path of yoga motivated by his genuine love for the practice; he spent years under the guidance of 4 different teachers & different styles at different times. Karthik is a firm believer that ‘Knowledge should come from different sources. If it came from the same source, it would become stiff & stale’. He started his training by learning the integral style of yoga from his first teacher for many years, and got the opportunity to practice Ashtanga Yoga under the guidance of Sri Sharath Jois in Mysore & Sri. Ravi and Sri Srimathi in Chennai, India. Karthik not only practices the asana (posture) part of yoga but also pranayama (Breath) and dharana (concentration). He is certified from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Meenakshi Ashram, Madurai. Later on, at the beginning of 2018, he graduated in Advanced Teacher Training certification, learning Vinyasa Krama as taught by the revered Sri. Srivatsa Ramaswami, the more than 30 year student of Sri Krishnamacharya, renowned for the purity of his teaching. Karthik believes that “the strength of a teacher is not in his teaching but in the willingness to be a student himself.” He loves to pass on the knowledge that has gathered along his journey in the path of yoga & continues to be a student at the same time. He is deeply interested in Ayurveda and in his class he integrates the two ancient traditions into one. Faithful to the traditional styles of Yoga, Karthik conducts Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Krama & Ashtanga Led (Primary Series) sessions at Eclipse, inspiring with his style all practitioners to do the extra mile.



Alexey has been practicing yoga since 2007. He started to practice with authorized Russian teachers in Moscow & in 2010 became a student of KPJAYI. Since that time Alexey has made 5 individual trips to Mysore. He also attended teachers training with David Swenson, seminars and classes with Richard Freeman, Lino Miele, Petri Raisanen, Mark Robberds, Eddie Stern, Mark Darby and others. Alexey comes with a lengthy teaching experience of more that 11 years, in the field of Ashtanga Yoga in Moscow, where he delved into his teaching path in Moscow’s Ashtanga Yoga schools, like Ashtanga Yoga Shala & Ashtanga Yoga Center. He has been teaching in Dubai since 2015. At Eclipse Alexey is sharing his wealth of experience & love for teaching with his practitioners, with a firm commitment to the values of yoga & the endless benefits that it brings to everyone who wishes to embrace its ways.



Paola was born in Italy, where she spent the early years of her life; her inquisitive spirit soon prompted her to leave her birthplace and start travelling in a soul searching journey around the world. A natural wanderer and world explorer, a lover of nature and healthy life, Paola felt that Asia resonated better with her soul. And so she decided to travel around the continent, visiting many countries and faraway places until she settled down in Thailand, the country which conquered her heart. During her three-year stay there, the passion for holistic matters bloomed and prompted her to study and practice Thai Traditional Massage, Foot Reflexology, Reiki and to move into her first steps as a “SADHAKA” (“spiritually adept”). Yoga was the platform that brought her many times to India, where she earned her RYS 200+100 Yoga Alliance Certifcation specializing in Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Yin Yoga and Aerial Yoga with more than 2,000 hours of teaching. On top of Yoga, Paola is a gymnastics coach, certified by the Italian Gymnastics Federation, a Pilates Mat teacher (certified by the Federazione Italiana Fitness), and a Swing Yoga instructor (certified by Body Fly International Academy). Paola has been living in Dubai for the past 5 years, where she engages in sharing the power of those disciplines – Gymnastics and Yoga – in diverse institutions including schools. Her love for the practices registers with her students with whom she explores a Holistic approach to practice. Her goal is to help people express themselves through the conscious use of their bodies, and to reconnect with their real souls. Her classes at Eclipse bring different elements from all her skills as a trainer, challenging the students to go beyond their natural and mental limitations, with sequences inspired by gymnastics, which test their abilities in strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. Suited for intermediate to advanced practitioners, Paola’s sessions offer a sense of focus and accomplishment mental & physical, while tantalizing the senses with her choice of sounds and incenses.




Veronica, a traveler by nature, was born in Italy, lived in the UK, and landed to Dubai a year ago.  Being a dancer since her childhood years, she fell in love with dynamic movement early on in life. She continued her practice alongside her academics in Communication Science & International Relations in Milan. Progressively Veronica developed a profound interest in spiritual matters & holistic treatments that led her to become firstly a Reiki Practitioner, then a Reflexologist, and further down the line a Pilates and Yoga teacher. These explorations & studies brought her personal growth to the next level, and sparkled the desire within her to share this passion with other people. Fascinated by the clarity and lightness of Pilates as a practice, which helped her discover the strength and potential in her body, she cultivated a deep appreciation for mindful movement and eagerly began her teacher training through STOTT Pilates in London, followed by a Pre-Post Natal qualification and her 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training.   Veronica aims to spread the wealth of knowledge that Pilates & other mindful practices can offer in an upbeat and personal atmosphere, and help her students be more present & conscious of the powerful connection between body and mind, not just during the practice, but also during their daily life. Warmly welcoming people from all walks of life, at all stages of their journey, her classes are focused on hands on assisting, adjustment, conscious breathing and attention to details. She strongly believes that this versatile practice can transform any aspect of our life, as it has done so for her own.



Manoj is a passionate Holistic Health and Wellbeing Specialist, adoring all things holistic. His 15 year-experience in Ayurveda is enriched by his expertise in Spa, Holistic & Alternative Medicine, Acupressure, Acupuncture , Hydrotherapy, Color Therapy, Sound & Crystal Healing. He earned his education in the field of Ayurveda in Kerala, India & worked across different parts of the country, before transitioning to the Middle East where he worked in Qatar & the UAE. Manoj has a genuine interest in helping people reach their health & healing goals, by using an all rounded approach to his work. A keen listener, Manoj fully attends each client’s needs, beautifully interweaving clear presence with practiced skill. His ability to deep dive in his knowledge & experience to counsel on peoples’ wellbeing using a tailored understanding & to recommend suited courses of treatment, is key to experiencing the benefits of a blossoming self.