Energetic ashtanga vinyasa flow practice

Ashtanga Yoga is a science & an art, it is essentially a meditative daily practice. The term Ashtanga, hails from Sanskrit & was coined by the great sage Patanjali the inceptor of the Yoga Sutras & the pioneer who first systematized the practice of Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga combines a powerful sequence of Yoga poses with a specific breathing technique along with other technical aspects of the Vinyasa system (linking breath & movement) like Bandhas (Energetic Locks) and Dristi (Gazing Points). Ashtanga Yoga strengthens, detoxifies & purifies the body; it is one of the most intriguing embodiment practices that calm the mind & increase concentration. Through the guidance of the teacher who sets the pace through the Sanskrit counting, practitioners perform the asanas in an ordered manner, following the Vinyasa method while they enhance their resilience, hone their intellect & increase their sense of peace. Our Ashtanga led sessions at Eclipse are open to both beginners & advanced practitioners who wish to experience the powerful effects of "meditation in motion"