Mandala Vinyasa

Mandala Vinyasa is a practice that works 360 around the mat, leveraging the 4 elements (AIR, FIRE, WATER AND EARTH) using the Ancient Mayan Calendar, It focuses on a particular area of the body and the correlating chakra.
On a physical level, we flow and move with the breath, working on that particular target area:

1) Air = Backbends, opening up the shoulders and quads. On an energy level the practice activates the Anahata Chakra, which relates to our social identity and self love, finding space in our hearts.

2) Fire = Spinal twists, glutei and IT band. From an energy perspective the point of activation here is the Manipura Chakra, our solar plexus, related with our willpower and ego identity.

3) Water = hips and groin. Energetically the focus is to activate the Svadhisthana, the Sacral Chakra, our source of movement and connection that relates to our reproductive system.

4) Earth = Hamstring. Energetically the activation point is the Muladhara, the Root Chakra, which connects to grounding.

The practice starts and ends with a short Yin session, so we prepare to “close” the area of the body that we will be working on, encompassing opposite elements to help balance our bodies and energy. According to with the Mayan Calendar, each day is related with a specific element, and every practice can be built based on the element and specific sequences. The class is suited to all levels of practitioners.