Pilates Mat & Props

Pilates is a holistic & dynamic practice developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s. It is a method that he developed for recovery & body therapy. It combines mindful breath with body awareness & borrows movements from classical dance, yoga & fitness. Pilates is performed on the mat or with specific equipment (props), like reformer and cadillac.
The exercises included in Pilates Mat & Props class can vary, but there is always a focus on the core or “powerhouse”, as it is essential to maintain health and prevent injury especially around the lower back area. The movements become progressively more challenging & complex as one practices over time. All levels of practitioners can join.
Pilates’ emphasis on the body/mind connection, renders it an optimum practice to build flexibility, strength, coordination & body awareness. It is also ideal for calorie – burning, tones the body, supports recovery, & enhances focus & centeredness.