Pilates Classes in Dubai

Eclipse offers fully equipped Pilates in Dubai.

We use the latest evidence-based research for Pilates techniques that will help train your postural muscles. These muscles provide your body with more strength control and flexibility.

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in early 20th century. The son of a gymnast, he applied the principles of gymnastics and control to create a discipline that alleviates your physical health.

At Eclipse, we have created a Pilates program that will help improve the quality of your life. We use the full gamut of controlled rhythmic movements to help improve your posture. The result of this is improved strength, flexibility and better sleep quality.

You have the option of exploring Classical/Roman or Contemporary pilates at Eclipse.

All our exercises are performed in a specific order with related breathing techniques, to give you the best results possible.

Our contemporary Pilates is a blend of the multiple exercises and routines. We involve props such as blocks, balls, bands and even a reformer. Reformers come with adjustable bar and resistance. This form requires expert supervision since it is an advanced level of Pilates. If you are looking for a full body exercise that improves your strength, balance and flexibility then reformer Pilates is for you.

For a simple workout, more suitable for beginners, we have Mat Pilates. No complex equipment is required. Only you and your mat. It is simple and easy to perform and with sufficient practice, can be performed at home as your daily routine. The biggest improvements here will be in your core strengths and posture.

Clinical Pilates is a subset of contemporary Pilates. Physiotherapists recommend this to help treat lower back pain by focusing on stabilizer muscles. The main equipment for this is the mat.

Over the years, Pilates has become very popular among athletes and dancers. It helps in flexibility, stability, core strength and muscle toning. Muscle toning without bulking up is probably the biggest benefit for athletes.

If you have posture or stress issues, then Pilates is for you. A few classes of Pilates will bring a sense of comfort back in to your life while making you healthier.

Studies have shown that Pilates improves posture, general health, postural back, shoulder and neck pain. Since it is a form of exercise, weight loss is a natural side effect as well. For higher weight loss, Cardio Pilates is recommended. It is a higher intensity work out and is generally done under supervision.

At Eclipse, our instructors consist of some of the best professionals in the business. Our Pilates studio is state of the art and comes with all necessary equipment, including maintenance tools to prevent injuries.