Hatha Vedanta Level 1 Course (Initiation)

Dates: Apr 25th - May 1st (7 Days, 3H per Day)
Timings: Sun to Sat: 9.00am - 12.00pm

Only AED 1,575 (VAT Included)

Keen to deepen your practice? Eager to restore perfect balance & harmony? Curious to deep dive in the treasures of Yogic knowledge?

Then join our Hatha Vedanta Level 1 (Initiation) course at Eclipse! Suited for regular practitioners or inquisitive minds who want to take their knowledge of Yoga to the next level & are looking to embark on this ever - evolving quest for more.

If you are passionate to embrace Yoga in its authentic form as a north star for life or wish to expand the theoretical as well as practical knowledge being already a Yoga trainer, our 21 hours Hatha Vedanta Level 1 Course is not only a perfect platform, but also a unique opportunity to take off as an insightful seeker & practitioner.

This course is based on the two most profound, traditional and powerful forms of Yoga: Hatha & Vedanta. Hatha brings balance & flow in our practice while Vedanta infuses clarity & foundation in our overall life perspective; it is also the pivotal reference point of the modern approach towards Yoga.

So brace yourself & join this one week course for:
● An institutional guidance towards deeper understanding of Yoga as a philosophical as well as practical science.
● Attaining a state of perfect balance and harmony.
● Understanding Vedanta as the scientific basis of modern day Yogic approach.

Looking forward to an impactful week together full of learning, understanding, sharing & experiencing!