Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy (pre-natal) yoga classes bring the ancient science of yoga to support the mother though her pregnancy using birth breathing tools along with yoga postures and laboring coping techniques. These sessions are designed to maintain and build strength in pregnancy, preparing for labor and birth, and relieving pregnancy-associated discomfort. Mental and emotional preparation is key through yogic practices and community support.
Recommended for women from second trimester onwards with the doctors’ clearance. Suitable for all levels of students including the ones with no prior exposure to yoga.
Benefits of yoga during pregnancy:
-Breathing well promoting hormonal balances.
-Alleviate minor discomforts such as heartburn, pain in hip joints, ribs, crams in legs and headaches.
-Improve blood circulation in the muscles and adequate supply for the baby to grow healthy.
-Helps in combat fatigue during pregnancy. If muscles are stiff and move is restricted, the flow of energy is blocked. Breathing will will make you feel fresh and invigorated.
-The yogic positions will naturally extend into labor, promoting ease and freedom of movement.
-Regular yoga practice will prepare for speedy recovery and return to normal after birth.
-Improve quality of sleep and deep relaxation.