RYS 50 Hours Dhyana Meditation Course

Dates: Sun May 9th - Thu May 20th (Weekends & Weekdays)
Timings: Weekdays: 7am - 9am & 6pm - 8pm
Weekends: Fri & Sat (one weekend only): 9am - 2pm

Only AED 3,000 (VAT Included)

You are cordially invited to immerse yourself in our genuinely authentic and profound 50 Hours Meditation Course designed to take you through the journey of a lifetime.
Directly from the tradition of the Himalayan masters, the Meditation program at Eclipse, is based on the Mantra of celebrating and unveiling the human potential at its highest level to inspire you to fall in love with the journey of life.
Sincere as we are towards our efforts to fulfill our promise to always bring to you the real and most authentic practices deeply anchored in the Yogic heritage and divine messages of the Rishis (sages) of the antiquity, we fuse tradition with modern scientific knowledge to cater to the contemporary demands of the new age human being.