50-Hours Aerial Yoga Master Course

Mindfulness practices Eclipse

Redefine your quest of Yoga at Eclipse! Committed as we are towards our promise of bringing relevant yet authentic Yoga practices at your door step, we are pleased to announce our 50 Hours Aerial Yoga Master Course


Mindfulness practices Eclipse
Mindfulness practices Eclipse
Mindfulness practices Eclipse

This course has been earnestly curated for those who are ready to take a plunge into the practice of a unique Yoga methodology that defies gravity & helps in unravelling the mystery of balance & unfoldment of new dimensions, by bringing in the element of Air into the equation.
Suspended above ground level through a hammock, one tends to feel & approach Yoga differently and can easily notice the paradigm shift in the general perspective.
This is an enthralling course of Yoga that satiates one's appetite for something challenging and inspiring to the hilt. Anyone, who is already a Yoga practitioner and wants to partake in this unique application of Yoga can join this course & master the following aspects of Aerial Yoga.

Core Course Concepts

● Asanas - Arm Strength Asanas, Hatha Yoga Asanas
● Pranayama - Yogic breath-work
● Shatkarma - Body cleansing - mala nivritti and purification
● Meditation - Yoga Nidra
● Aerial Human Anatomy
● Teaching Methodology
● Practicum
● Mantra Chanting

Course Learning Outcomes

● Aerial Warrior 1, 2, 3
● Aerial Bow Pose
● Aerial Star Inversion Pose
● Aerial Hoop Pose
● Aerial Layback Pose
● Aerial Pike and Pull Pose
● Aerial Acrobatics Pose
● Aerial Cross Pose
● Aerial Low Lunge Pose
● Aerial Scorpion Pose
● Aerial Wrist Wrap Pose
● Aerial Pin Plank Pose
● Aerial Silks Pose
● Aerial Plank Pose
● Aerial Cobra Pose
● Aerial Downward Dog Pose
● Aerial Trikon Asana
● Aerial Revolve Triangle Pose
● Aerial Seated Forward Fold
● Aerial Lotus Pose
● Aerial Chair Pose
● Aerial Hip Twisting Poses

Course Highlights

● International Yoga Alliance Accredited 50 Hours YACEP Course
● Privileged pricing on Eclipse Retreats, Courses & Workshops (10% off)
● Internship with Eclipse & continuous empirical guidance