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10 days / 9 nights

USD $1,990

Start Date: March 11, 2023

End Date: March 20, 2023


Eclipse mission is to inspire everyone to fall in love with the journey of life.

This is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to get immersed into a unique combination of Yogic Practice, Ayurveda & Trekking in the Himalayan Mountains out of a true cradle of Yoga, a Yoga Ashram (Monastery), and internalize the depth of the practice in its purest, most authentic & inclusive dimension. The participants will get the space to experience hands-on the principles of yogic life and the treasures of this practice in a transformational manner, ignited by the energies of the Himalayan Mountains, the abundance of Mother Nature & the powerful vibrations of all surroundings.

Arrival By: Sat 11.03.2023 (Travel Day)
Retreat Start Date: Sun, 12.03.2023
Retreat End Date: Sun 19.03.2023
Departure On: Mon 20.03.2023
Total Duration: 9 Nights, 8 Retreat Days + 2 Travel Days = 10 Days

What Makes This Retreat Special

Conducted in a rare, mystical setting in the Himalayas, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience allowing you to truly dive deep and experience the spirit of yoga in its entirety.

From the magnificence of the location to the vibrations of the Ashram's chants, this is a soulful, transcendental experience of self-development, empowerment, and realization.

During our hike in the magical Himalayas, we will stay in a cottage-style basecamp perched on a hilltop and surrounded by thick oak forest. Participants will wake up by the sounds of nature’s wildlife and fill their senses by the grandeur and breathtaking views of the landscape.


From time immemorial the Himalayas are known as the cradle of Vedic and Yogic civilization. The aura of the Himalayan peaks and their wild yet peaceful natural beauty, reflected in their grandeur and mysticism, enthralled and intrigued the yogis, mystics, tapaswis, scholars and ascetics from distinct traditions and schools. Great exponents like Shri Chandracharya of the Udasin Lineage, Shankaracharya of the Advaita Vedanta, Gautama the Buddha, Mahavatar Baba of the Kriya Yoga and many others treaded the same path and sought refuge in the mighty yet subtle, stubborn yet transformational, rough yet compassionate embrace of the benevolent Himalayas. This wisdom pertaining to Yoga cultivated and developed in this part of the world, apart from just laying a strong foundation for its own lineage, also ensured that the practice of Yoga and spirituality survives the onslaught of time and remains as inclusive as it was envisioned and indoctrinated by the yogis of the antiquity.


  • Shri Kalyanika Himalaya Devasthanam (also known as Dol) is situated in a stunning, pristine area of the Himalayas region in the Uttarakhand State of Northern India. Surrounded by untouched forests of unparalleled beauty, Dol Ashram enjoys the blessings of Mother Nature at its best and offers a gorgeous canvas for spiritual immersion, self-exploration & body-mind-soul alignment.
  • The Ashram, a beacon of the Sanatana Tradition & Vedic lifestyle, was built by Kalyan Das Babaji with the goal to educate and uplift the spiritual lives of people enabling thus the restoration of life balance & unleashing the potential of our human form. As per the Sanatana Tradition, a human being is the architect of the circumstances he/she creates and hence by being aware about this truth he/she can create a life of fulfilment, by rediscovering the miracle that each person has the potential to untap.
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  • Eclipse is a Holistic Wellbeing Hub & Accredited Yoga School, whose core purpose is to inspire us to explore the path to accessing our thriving nature and celebrate our unique personality, using as avenue a fusion of ancient and modern body-mind practices set to ignite a powerful mind, body, and soul alignment.
  • Eclipse sets authenticity, quality & passion at the core of its offerings. Those qualities transcend all its pillars which include Body and Mind Practices, RYS Master Courses & Teacher Trainings, Immersion Retreats & Ayurveda Treatments. Eclipse conducts group & private classes of all styles of Yoga (Aerial, Iyengar, Flow- Based Practices, Alignment Practices, Conscious Breathing techniques and more); Pilates, Barre Dance, Mobility & Animal Flow in its one-of-a-kind space by the stunning Waterfront in Dubai Marina Walk, United Arab Emirates.
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  • The participants, will attend daily 4 hours of Yoga & Meditative practices (during the trekking the schedule might vary) and will observe the Ashram way of life, engage in Karma Yoga activities (Selfless Service), partake in aspects of Bhakti Yoga (Traditional Rituals) & follow vegetarian diet with organic ingredients from local produce & home-made dairy products.
  • They can also seize the opportunity to meet with Sadhus (sages), understand more on their way of life & internalize the yogic spirit in its true essence.
  • As part of this programme participants will embark on a three-night trekking adventure in the Himalayas region, exploring off-the-beaten path routes, lodging in a basecamp & getting to savour the magical nature of this untouched region of the world.
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    Date Departure Point Dep. Time Destination Arr. Time Activity
    15 March Dol Ashram 8:00 AM Rameshwar Temple (confluence of Rivers Saryu & Kali) 11:30 AM Temple Darshan, Holi dip at the confluence. Van Bhoj(lunch)
    15 March Rameshwar Temple 1:30 PM Gangolihat (Basecamp- Shailasha Resort) ( Gangolihat is a Shakti Peeth (a shrine dedicated to the Supreme source of Energy) revered and frequented by practitioners throughout the year. 5:00 PM Road trip through the beautiful Himalayan valley. Bone fire, dinner and rest.
    16 March 5:30 AM Morning Tea
    6:00 AM Yoga/Medi tation Session
    7:30 AM Break-fast
    Basecamp 8:00 AM Shakti Peeth 9:00 AM Temple visit- Darshan & Meditation. A dip into the time defying Himalayan culture and understand ing the native way of connecting with their beloved deity. Bhog Prasad at the Temple.
    Shakti Peeth 10:00 AM Mountain Top Devi Temple & Panoramic Himalayan view
    Basecamp 2:00 PM Patal Bhuvaneshwar Cave (one of the largest natural caves with a plethora of mythology associated. The legend says that the cave is directly connected with Varanasi (an ancient city situated on the banks of Ganges 100s of kms away). Discovered by Adi Shankaracharya in 1191 A.D. 4:00 PM Trek up to the cave.
    Patal Bhuvaneshwar 5:30 PM Basecamp Traditional Himalayan cultural program, dinner and rest
    17 March 5:30 AM Morning Tea
    Basecamp 8:00 AM ( after break-fast) Lamkeshwar Peak 15 km trek with local guides witnessing and observing wild-life, Eco diversity, long range panoramic view of the alluring Himalayan peaks and verdant valleys.
    18 March Basecamp 8:00 AM Chaukori hill station
    Chaukori hill station Dol Ashram Dinner & rest

    Programme Overview

    • Lodging in the Ashram Quarters (Twin Room) with ensuite bathroom
    • Full Board Vegetarian Meals
    • 4 - Day Himalayas Trekking adventure (as per the previously mentioned programme) with visits to: Rameshwar Temple, Gangolihat, Shakti Peeth, Mountain Top Devi Temple & Panoramic Himalayan view, Patal Bhuvaneshwar Cave, Lamkeshwar Peak.

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    • 6 nights in Twin Bedroom with ensuite bathroom at Shri Kalyanika Himalaya Devasthanam
    • Full Board Vegetarian Meals - 3 Vegetarian Meals per Day, made from local produce & dairy
    • Yoga & Meditation Retreat 4 Hours per Day (schedule may vary during trekking days)

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    • Entry Visa to India
    • International & Local Flights
    • Travel Insurance
    • Laundry Service at the Ashram
    • Extra Ayurveda Treatments
    • Extra Meals outside of the Ashram & the Basecamp

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    USD $1,990

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    10 days / 9 nights

    USD $1,990

    Star Date: March 11, 2023

    End Date: March 20, 2023